MosquitoNix® of Detroit is the local leader in mosquito control, mosquito misting systems, and fogging treatments.  MosquitoNix® has been entrusted with providing quality mosquito control solutions, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing to both residential and commercial properties in the greater Detroit, Michigan area.  No matter the size of the yard or budget, MosquitoNix® has a proven mosquito control solution.  Our permanent custom-designed mosquito spray systems provide proven insect control that's effective and efficient for you and your family.  MosquitoNix® will strategically place nozzles every ten to twelve feet around the perimeter of your home which is concealed using your fence line, eaves, trees or any other landscape elements.  MosquitoNix® will help protect your outdoor lifestyle and make sure unwanted flying insects, such as mosquitos, ticks, gnats, no see-ums and flies, aren’t on the guest list.  With our temporary QuickNix™ mosquito spraying treatments, you can ensure your next event is by-invitation-only.  Call today for your free no obligation quote and enjoy this outdoor season bug free!