MosquitoNix® The National Leader in Mosquito Control

Celebrating 10 YearsMosquitoes you have met your match! The leading mosquito control authority in the US, MosquitoNix operates in over 500 U.S. Cities, 9 countries and has installed over 40,000 misting systems. MosquitoNix offers custom misting systems, on going mosquito treatments and do it yourself pest control solutions to eliminate flying, biting insects such as mosquitoes - flies - no-see-ums - ticks and more! Our mission is to protect customers from pesky insects, mosquitos and mosquito-borne diseases and illnesses so they can enjoy their outdoor lifestyles. Since 2003, residential and commercial properties have entrusted MosquitoNix with providing quality mosquito control solutions, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing. With thousands of satisfied customers within the United States and globally, MosquitoNix guarantees the delivery of effective mosquito control for your property.