The Permanent Mosquito Control Solution

The MosquitoNix custom misting system provides effective mosquito control for you, your family and your pets. Our mosquito control misting system is not an “off the shelf” product. Each customized system is built to address your home or businesses specific needs.

Nozzles are placed around mosquito harborage points and around the perimeter of your property, and can be concealed using your fence line, eaves, trees or other landscape elements. In addition, MosquitoNix will attach nozzles to wrought iron fences, concrete pillars, gutters, and cyclone fences. The power and control portion of the MosquitoNix system consists of a reservoir, control unit and pump and it can be placed in your preferred location outdoors (with access to electricity dedicated 20amp outlet).

Our automated system averages three to four mists per day, each lasting 30 to 45 seconds. In addition, each system comes with an industry best 500 foot range remote control that allows you to mist on command and skip the next spray cycle, which is especially useful prior to parties and other outdoor gatherings. Even the time and duration of each misting are adjustable.

At MosquitoNix, we pride ourselves on offering a practically invisible mosquito control solution around the perimeter of your property.

MosquitoNix has installed more than 40,000 systems and continues to maintain an annual 98% customer retention rate.

The MosquitoNix misting system provides a 24 hour barrier between your family and annoying backyard pests.


Misting System Components

MosquitoNix utilizes best in-class parts and technology, including:

  • Stainless Nickel-Plated Nozzle Tips Made Exclusively for MosquitoNix
  • 55 Gallon Drum*
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Black or Copper Risers
  • Durable Nylon Tubing
  • Best in class remote control (Mist on command)
  • Customizable programming

All MosquitoNix misting systems are Built in America!

Every MosquitoNix location uses pyrethrum, permethrin, or essential oils as the active ingredients in our mosquito misting systems. MosquitoNix backs parts and labor with our industry leading customer satisfaction guarantee installation (excludes pump, motor, and control unit, which carry a limited one to five year warranty based on your market; please contact your local service center for additional information.).

For a FREE consultation and estimate, please click here to find the MosquitoNix franchise nearest you and get ready to start enjoying the great outdoors again.