Get mosquito control that does more than scratch the surface.

Your home is one of the largest investments you'll make in your lifetime — why not enjoy it? When you invest in an automated mosquito spray system that's 100% guaranteed, you’ll be increasing the value of your home for today, and far into the future.


MosquitoNix® custom-designed mosquito spray systems provide proven insect control that’s effective and affordable for you and your family. Nozzles for this unique mosquito killing system are placed every ten to twelve feet around the perimeter of your home, and can be concealed using your fence line, eaves, trees or other landscape elements. The power and control portion of the "mosquito machine;" consisting of a reservoir, control unit and pump; can be placed in your preferred location outdoors.

MosquitoNix provides a 24 hour barrier between your family and backyard pests.

Our mosquito control spray systems use a regular 110v outlet, and may be turned off when you are holding outdoor gatherings. Our machines average three to four mists per day, each lasting 20 to 45 seconds. MosquitoNix® can adjust the time and duration during each service call—or we can teach you how to make these adjustments yourself.

MosquitoNix utilizes a wide array of mosquito misting solutions in our misting systems. Pyrethrum, permethrin, and essential oils are the active ingredients used in our mosquito control systems. MosquitoNix backs all of these solutions with our industry leading customer satisfaction guarantee.

With our versatile mosquito machines, you can send mosquitos packing. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate, and get ready to start enjoying the great outdoors again.