Tough on Mosquitoes. Easy on you.

Maintaining your MosquitoNix® system is simple — and most services are included as part of your agreement. For continuous mosquito prevention, your MosquitoNix® representative will regularly refill the insecticide drum, and perform annual winterization and de- winterization maintenance. The frequency of your refills will be dependent on the number of nozzles, size of the mist system and the duration and frequency of mosquito misting for mosquito control. Basic services are described below, as well as a few tips to help keep your yard mosquito-free.

Full Service Program

  • Provides a lifetime warranty for all original parts and labor from date of installation (*excludes pump, motor, and control unit which carry a limited 3 to 5 year warranty based on your market; please contact your local service center for additional information)
  • Covers all ongoing service and maintenance including annual winterization and dewinterization
  • Refills scheduled automatically
  • One-year price guarantee
  • Full service program is transferable (fee applicable)

Refill Program

For proper maintenance, contact MosquitoNix® as soon as the low-level light is activated on your system. As part of the MosquitoNix® Refill Program, your MosquitoNix® representative will regularly refill the reservoir drum, and perform a full diagnostic check of the system with each visit.


Winterization services include flushing the system with a special protective additive, and performing winter maintenance on the suction line and pull float switch. MosquitoNix® includes this service in all full-service contracts.


For proper De-Winterization, your MosquitoNix Representative will replace the float assembly, provide a full system check on nozzles, motor and tubing, completely top off the drum (pro-rated refill charge), and activate your mosquito prevention system. MosquitoNix® includes this service in all full-service accounts.

Join Our Sting Operation Against Mosquitoes.

Your MosquitoNix® system is designed to eliminate mosquitos and other insects from your outdoor areas — and these simple tips can help stop future breeding. We recommend you perform the following physical mosquito prevention and mosquito control measures in conjunction with the MosquitoNix® mosquito misting system, for optimum results:

Vegetation Management

Adult mosquitos prefer to rest on weeds and other vegetation. For this reason, areas of heavy vegetation adjacent to your home’s foundation should be reduced as much as possible, paying particular attention to shaded areas.

Elimination of Breeding Sites

Mosquitoes love water — so be sure to remove and dispose of tin cans, buckets, unused plastic swimming pools or other containers that may hold as little as a half an inch of water. Do not allow water to accumulate in flowerpot saucers, pet dishes or similar vessels for more than two days.


It is very important to keep rain gutters free of debris to prevent backup. This is a very common breeding ground for mosquitos.

Other Areas of Concern

Check areas near water faucets, air conditioners and overflows to make certain water accumulations do not occur. Identify and fill low spots in the lawn that are prohibiting proper drainage. Change the water in birdbaths and wading pools at least once a week. Stock ornamental pools with top-feeding predacious minnows known as mosquito fish, or place mosquito dunks in pools, per label instructions. Fill tree holes and stumps with mortar or sand. Check for trapped water in plastic or canvas tarps used to cover boats, pools, etc. Situate the cover to ensure proper drainage. Consider adjusting sprinkler settings in areas that never dry out.