Keep uninvited guests from crashing your party.

QuickNix™ — the One-Time Mosquito Elimination Treatment for Outdoor Parties, Special Events and Ongoing Treatments. No matter the occasion, with the MosquitoNix® QuickNix™ treatment you can keep pests off your guest list.


You should get out more. When the weather is nice and the time is right, nothing beats the festive atmosphere of an outdoor event — as long as mosquitos aren’t on the guest list. With QuickNix™ mosquito spraying treatments, you can ensure your next event is by-invitation-only. A MosquitoNix® certified mosquito control expert performs each treatment, including a property inspection and evaluation, and a three-step mosquito spray process.

1. Mosquito Fogging— A mosquito fogger is used around dense vegetation, shrubs, hedges and tree canopies.

2. Mosquito Granules— Fine granules are spread over your lawn.

3. Mosquito Larvicide — A small amount of Bt-israelensis (Bt-i), an eco-friendly solution is placed in areas of standing water around your property

With our powerful combination of mosquito foggers and granules, you can relax and enjoy your outdoor event — we'll take care of the pests.